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Udder High Hope Danny's Song
DOB: 06/02/2022
Chamoise with minimal white

Danny: Image

DD: Udder High Hope Chatty Cathy

DDD: CH Udder High Hope Flash Flood VEEV 88

DDS: Udder High Hope Chunky Monkey

DS: Udder High Hope Ice Cream Man

DSD: CH High Hopes Farm Flirty Foxtrot

DSS: Fairlea Atticus Finch *B

SD: Udder High Hope TW Ouija Board

SDD: Buttin'Heads Frisket 3*M +VEV86

SDS: Udder High Hope Tornado Watch

SS: The Tidal Wave VVV86

SSD: SGM R Ravenclaw

SSS: Sunnydale Farm ZM Chevy

Retained Progeny:


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Udder High Hope ICM Dimity

Photo by Sunny Shore Farms

Dimity's 2F Udder_edited.jpg



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