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Farm Four Hearts Emmilene
DOB: 04/12/22
Chamoisee with extensive white


Dam: Farm Four Hearts Eden

DD: SG Creeping Thyme Farm Athena 1*M Elite ++++ 83

DDD: SG Old Mountain Farm DramasDelight +VV+ 84

DDS: Whitbred Jack of Spades +B

DS: FeatherNScale Intergalactic

DSD: SG FeatherNScale Aurora VVV+ 85

DSS: Amethyst Acres R Giovanni *B

Sire: Painted Pepper Demetri

SD: Painted Pepper JS Blaze 3*M VVEV 86

SDD: Painted Pepper PS Dahlia 2*M V+VV 86

SDS: Painted Pepper PJ Jumpstart ++*B V+V 86

SS: Old Mountain Farm Borax AVV 79

SSD: Old Mountain Farm Armaghan 3*M AR V+EE 88

SSS: Old Mountain Farm Grey Cheek +++ 82




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Farm Four Hearts Eden

Photo by Sunny Shore Farms

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