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Farfetched ZYD Lady Guinevere

DOB: 03/15/2021

Gwen: Image

Dam: Ole'Humble Acres R Valkyrie

DD: Everland RB Rouge Fasse

DDD: Everland RC Chandelier

DDS: Everland V Rebel Bass

DS: GCH Tiny Angels A Rustler +B VEE 90

DSD: Humble Acres T Valhalla 1*M VEEE 89

DSS: Humble Acres A Atreus

Sire: Doubletree Zydeco

SD: Doubletree Hiddle-Dee-Dee

SDD: Doubletree Widdle-Dee-Dee

SDS: Doubletree All Puckered-Up

SS: 3MBJ Goats Roc Courage

SSD: Wood Bridge Farm Grace

SSS: Wood Bridge Farm Rocky Road



Gwen: Price List

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Ole'Humble Acres R Valkyrie

Photo Courtesy of Farfetched Homestead

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