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Tansy Right Side.HEIC


Altomar Farm Tanner

DOB: 08/02/2020

Tansy: Image

Dam: Altomar Farm Lucky Girl

DD: Altomar Farm Cookie

DDD: Swanson Doemain Emma

DDS: CornerStone Farm Timnah +*S

DS: Hames & Axle Stilton

DSD: Hames & Axle Timpatience

DSS: Hames & Axle ML Top Brass

Sire: Hames & Axle Farm A Hawkeye

SD: Hames & Axle ML Destiny

SDD: Hames & Axle Majyk To Do

SDS: Hames & Axle Merging Lanes *S

SS: Hames & Axle YR Atlas

SSD: Hames & Axle YR Atlas Xena

SSS: Hames & Axle Yankee Rebel


Sunny Shore's A Tulip

Sunny Shore’s A Tallulah

Tansy: Price List

Kidding History:

05/26/22 Twin does, sired by Farfetched SHA Arthur

05/28/23 Twin does, sired by Old Mountain Farm Twizzler

Tansy: Text
Tansy: Services

Altomar Farm Lucky Girl

Photo Courtesy of Altomar Farm

(Not a 12 hour fill)

Tansy's Dam's Udder.JPG
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