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Goats For Sale

Below, are our goats currently available. All are registered with ADGA unless otherwise noted. 

If no goats are listed, then follow the link below to inquire about our future kiddings.

Click here to view our upcoming breeding plans.

Available goats are often first offered on our Facebook page & Instagram. Follow us there for the most recent updates.

Available Goats: About

Available Goats

All does and bucks are ADGA registered unless otherwise stated.

Starter herd special! 4 does in milk, 2 dry yearlings & 1 polled buckling for $2500!

Houndstooth Side.jpeg

Udder High Hope ICM Pig Tail 1*M

$500 - Doe in Milk

($750 with Houndstooth)

DOB: 05/09/2019
Sire: Udder High Hope Ice Cream Man
SD: CH High Hopes Farm Flirty Foxtrot VVEV 87
Dam: Sunnydale farm ZM Day Lilly
DD: CH Sunnydale Farm H Dandelion

Sunny Shore's Asheville
$700 - Doeling
(1k with Smokey)

DOB: 3/29/24

Chamoisee with extensive white overlay

Winning Streak CM SThern Drawl *B


Krebs DC Augusta

Sunny Shore's
Smokey Bear
$700 - Doeling
(1k with Asheville)

DOB: 03/23/24

Chocolate with roaning and minimal white

Old Mountain Farm Twizzler


Farm Four Hearts Ember 2*M

Udder High Hope RH Houndstooth

$500 - Doe in Milk

(750 with Pig Tail)

DOB: 06/18/2018
Sire: Dreahook SA Rhodium
SD: Dreahook RS String Of Pearls ++++83
Dam: CH The Sandstorm VVVV 87
DD: SGM R Ravenclaw

Screenshot 2024-07-01 at 1.01.13 PM.png
Screenshot 2024-07-01 at 1.01.16 PM.png

Sunny Shore's Dippin'Dots

$600 - Yearling Doe

(800 with Magik Spell)

DOB: 05/03/2023
Sire: GardenViewFarm CC Chase *B
SD: SGCH Wood Bridge Farm
Lupita Nyongo 2*M VEEE90
Dam: Udder High Hope ICM Dimity

Sunny Shore's Magik Spell

$600 - Yearling Doe

(800 with Dot)

DOB: 06/07/2023
Sire: Old Mountain Farm Twizzler
SD: Old Mountain Farm Skinny Chic 3*M VEEE91
Dam: Haymaker Farm Strange Magik 6*M
DD: GCH FeatherNScale Lemon Zest VEVV89

Farm Four Hearts Ember 2*M

$650 - Doe in Milk

(1k with Pina Colada)

DOB: 02/17/2021
Sire: FeatherNScale Intergalactic
SD: SG FeatherNScale Aurora VVV+ 85
Dam: SG Creeping Thyme Farm Athena 1*M Elite ++++ 83
DD: SG Old Mountain Farm

Udder High Hope W Pina Colada 1*M

$650 - Doe in Milk

(1k with Ember)

DOB: 07/15/2020
Sire: Udder High Hope RH Wool
SD: CH The Sandstorm VVVV 87
Dam: Udder High Hope Chatty Cathy
DD: CH Udder High Hope Flash Flood VEEV 88

Wanda Side_edited.jpg
Silver Side.jpeg
Wanda Side_edited.jpg
Wanda Side_edited.jpg

Sunny Shore's Bambi *B

$500 - Buckling Polled

(350 with purchase of 2+ does)

DOB: 04/06/2024
Sire: Winning Streak CM SThern Drawl *B
SD: GCH Wood Bridge Farm CountnBlessns 1*M VEEV 89
Dam: Denbow Acres Aristicat 5*M VVVE87

GardenViewFarm CL Silver 3*M

$750 - Doe in milk (1500 with her polled twin sister and blue eyed daughter in milk)

DOB: 05/18/2021
Sire: GardenViewFarm F Clifford *B
Dam: GardenViewFarm L Maple Cream 2*M +VVV86 DD: Udderly Topnotch BB Brownsugar 1*M VEEE89

Sunny Shore's Golden Girl
$600 - Doeling
(1k with Banana)

DOB: 6/29/2024

Sire: Coat Creeks DR Big Easy

SD: SG Wood Bridge Farm LevianDiamond 1*M VEEE91

Dam: Sunny Shore's Precious Metals

DD: GVF Silver 3*M

Sunny Shore's Banana Bread
$600 - Doeling
(1k with Golden Girl)

DOB: 6/29/2024

Sire: Coat Creeks DR Big Easy

SD: SG Wood Bridge Farm LevianDiamond 1*M VEEE91

Dam: Sunny Shore's Brown Eyed Girl

DD: GVF Boots 5*M

Available Goats: Services
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