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Maremma Sheepdog Puppies
Registered with the MSCA/UKC

A waiting list is forming for a potential late 2024/early 2025 litter

Please email for more info

Information on how we raise our puppies can be found below!

Puppies: About


- Parents are health tested via Embark

- Parents are dual registered with MSCA & UKC

- Puppies are $3,000

- All puppies are sold with limited registration to the MSCA and are UKC registrable.

(Breeding candidates are a different agreement)

- Puppies go home microchipped with a lifetime subscription to AKC Reunite and a 2 year health guarantee against debilitating congenital conditions

- Puppies go home with age appropriate vaccinations

- Your "Puppy Kit" will include a blanket that smells like mom & littermate, transitional food, paperwork & treats

Puppies: About


Our Maremma puppies are born warm and cozy in our house. Where they are started on ENS & ESI at 3 days old, and raised on Badass Breeder & Puppy Culture curriculum. Once big enough, they will start their training outside with the various livestock we have to offer on our farm.

They start in the goat barn, where they can see, smell, and hear not only the goats, but of course, the curious barn cats as well. As they get older, they're also introduced to various other livestock. Such as, chickens, ducks, geese, sheep, horses, donkeys, and rabbits. This enables them to have the proper socialization and foundation needed to protect their own herd in their new homes.

Puppies: About
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