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Maremma Sheepdogs

Duel Registered with the MSCA & UKC

Our Maremmas are the heart and soul of the farm, we often say that "We couldn't do it without them" and truer words couldn't be said! These gentle giants are essential to any working farm or ranch. They're beautiful, confident, intelligent and graceful. A livestock guardian dog, or LGD for short, is not an uncommon sight on a farm, even a small one, but the most common question we hear is "What's a Maremma?" or even "Is that a Great Pyrenees?"

The answer to both those questions is relatively simple! A Maremma is a working breed originating from Italy. We chose the Maremma for it's calm and level-headed disposition. They do not herd livestock, nor do they regularly attack predators. They protect their livestock and warn predators off instead.

This made the Maremma the ideal choice for our farm that regularly has visitors, including children and other dogs.

We're always happy to talk Maremma! And answer questions sent via email to the best of our ability.

Below are the marvelous Maremmas that guard and protect our various livestock. You can visit each of their pages for photos, pedigrees, and general information.

Hope's Farm Dolly


Waggy Tail's Chiara x Swift Family Farm's Mario

DOB: 02/18/2021


Pastore Transumante Claudiano


Pastore Transumante Cimopolea x Pastore Transumante Niso

DOB: 05/24/2021

Pastore Transumante Fonte


Pastore Transumante Acqua x Pastore Transumante Lupus

DOB: 06/06/2021


Flippantly Flipper


NEK's Alexis x Baron of AJHC Farm

DOB: 05/28/2022

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