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Udder High Hope W Pina Colada 1*M

DOB: 07/15/2020

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Dam: Udder High Hope Chatty Cathy

DD: CH Udder High Hope Flash Flood VEEV 88

DDD: CH High Hopes Farm Flirty Foxtrot VVEV 87

DDS: TX Twincreeks RM Rainshadow *B

DS: Udder High Hope Chunky Monkey

DSD: Dreahook Perplexing Hairstreak VEEV 88

DSS: Dreahook F Virage

Sire: Udder High Hope RH Wool

SD: CH The Sandstorm VVVV 87

SDD: SGM R Ravenclaw

SDS: Sunnydale Farm ZM Chevy

SS: Dreahook SA Rhodium

SSD: Dreahook RS String of Pearls ++++ 83

SSS: Flat Rock's Silver Arrow VVE 87


Sunny Shore's PintSized Shelby

Sunny Shore's Peter Pan

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Kidding History:

06/07/22 Buck/Doe twins sired by Udder High Hope LL Rob Roy

05/03/23 Triplets, 1D/2B sired by GardenViewFarm CC Chase *B

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Show History:

07/24/22 - 2nd Place Senior Doe (2-3 yr old). Barnstable County Fair Judge: Grace Toy

07/24/22 - 3rd Place (Best 3 Seniors). Barnstable County Fair

Judge: Grace Toy

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2 year old, 1st freshener

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Udder High Hope Chatty Cathy

Photo Courtesy of High Hope's Farm

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